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Swing gate opener for double leaf gates up to  4m/400 kg (2m/200kg each wing)

This product offers a very good price  for a very simple and easy automatisation of your gate. Good quality, simple installation, reability.

For those who requires additional  and more advanced features we suggest to evaluate also SW7000 model.


With a 30 years long experience, we manufacture inside our italian company each-component  of our gate and garage door openers, including the electric motor.

(See also page "about us" and "our technology"  and watch  the video about our robotic machines) 

Direct sales from the manufacturer.

The special discounted prices  offered on our website can be applied as a direct sales from the manufacturer to final customer  avoiding  any intermediary costs.

Kit contents:

2xSW400 - 400mm stroke linear actuators
1x7851Rol - Small control box with electronic board CTH41+ transformer
2x 6203Roll - 2 buttons 433 Mhz rolling code transmitters
1x SW7500 - blinking light 12V
1x SW5000 - key switch
1set of actuators fixing plates
1x instruction manual

This product offers:

  • The best choice for who desire a reliable, but simple product at a very low price
  • Made in Italy - All components are manufactured in the company to warranty high  quality and reliability. After sale service and assistance provided directly by manufacturer. without intermediaries
  • Automatic closing with fixed pause time (30 sec) or standard mode step-by-step fix
  • Quick and easy installation. Requires the intervention of a professional installer/ electrician only for connecting the high tension Power Supply cable 230V (or 110V on demand    
  • The gate is  automatically locked in closed position ( irreversibile system). Electro-lock is not needed
  • Manual unlocking system  by trangular key
  • Compatible with protected manual release system  SW-LOCKwith customized key  (optional accessory)
  • CE conformity: Product certified on all points of the current European regulations. Notify body as NEMKO / INTERTEK test reports & certificates available on request
  • Safety is ensured by an sensitive amperometrical obstacle detection system and pressure control. Photocells ( safety beans) are no longer mandatory. Photocells  are an optional accessory that can be helpful to prevent scratches to the painting of vehicles left in the vicinity of a moving gate. (EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 ( April 2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 2000)    

Technical data:

  • Electromechanical, irreversible, low  voltage  linear actuator 12V
  • Radio transmission by radio rolling code system By Ducati 
  • Power supply 230V  ( 110V on demand)
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C / 50 °C
  • Operating limits:  for gates Max 2 wings 2m in length each (total gate 4m) up to 400kg

Additional info:

Our company has over 35 years of experience in the production of gate and garage automation.

We are specialized  in developing low voltage and low power consumption products

Gates or garage openers operates for few minutes daily but the  they have a stand-by consumption 24/24h. This represent  a great yearly cost in your electricity consumption bill.

Thank's to our energy-saving technology,  with a Ducati gate opener you can save up to 80 € / yearly if  compared to the average  power consumption of competitors.

In addition, our low-voltage motors guarantee: 

  • no risk of electrocution 
  • maximum efficiency even in extremely hot or humid climates 
  • maximum security and control of movement 
  • maximum  and immediate initial starting even at low temperatures 
  • continuous use without the risk of overheating the engine 
  • possibility of using autonomous battery in case of power failure or a power failure * (* check compatible models with battery use)
  • compatibility to solar panel power supply* (* check compatible models with battery use)
  • maximum reduction in consumption and consequent cost savings of the bill. 
  • low environmental impact and environmental protection.



Each of our products comply with the latest European regulations to the full industry , and more specifically :


European standard EN60335 - LDV 2-103 : 2003 + A11 : 2009 / EN60335 -1 : 2002 + A11 : 2004 + A2 : 2006 + A12 : 2006 + A13 : 2008

- Electromagnetic compatibility :

European regulations: ETSI EN301 489-3 V1.4.1 ETSI EN300 220-2 V2.3.1 EN62479 (2010)

- Safety of operation ( anti-jam )

European regulations: EN13241 -1 : 2003 + A1 ( Aprile2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 2000


legislation the European R & TTE EN300 220-1/2

WARNING : Any product that is not certified and in accordance with these regulations is illegal, and is not safe.

Be wary of products not certified by international notify bodies, the self-certifications does not give an assurance that the product complies with the regulations .



Direct manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

Before and After-sales support 7/24   directly  supplied by  the manufacturer. No intermediaries for a quick and immediate answere to your needs.  

Just write us an e-mail  to info@apritu.it or give us a phone call and we'll be pleased to  help you.

Our service is guaranteed through e-mail and telephone support.

Apare parts always availables.

We ship worldwide.

Competent tecnicians will always respond your questions and solve any kind of technical problem.


Product Note Status Price
6203 Roll 6203 Roll
39.04 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
6203/P Roll 100m 6203/P Roll 100m
52.46 € *
SW6500 SW6500
75.64 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
SW5000 SW5000
25.62 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Special Set 6203/2 Special Set 6203/2
73.20 € *
Special Set 6203/3 Special Set 6203/3
109.80 € *
24.40 € *
Delivery weight: 300 g
R15 R15
6.10 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
48.80 € *
Laser 100 jeu photocellules Laser 100 jeu photocellules
30.50 € *
Delivery weight: 0.4 kg
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