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kit 8900 with belt drive + "banana" accessory 992012 for counterweight or projecting doors

100% MADE IN ITALY, direct sale from the factory

  • Direct sale from the manufacturer. Maximum quality at the lowest price!

Over 30 years of specific experience in the production of low voltage and low consumption electromechanical automations.

Easy to install kit, ideal for those who want to automate their box with a quality, reliable product entirely produced and assembled in Italy, at an exceptional price-quality ratio. and with a

Excellent and privileged direct telephone / e-mail assistance service with our technicians 24/24 and 7/7

ASSISTANCE SERVICE without any intermediary: the factory is always in direct contact with the customer to meet his every need!

The offer includes:

1 x 8900 T Belt Gearmotor with pinion for belt pulling, CTH29S electronic card, integrated radio receiver on board, toroidal transformer,
1 x 6203Roll Ducati rolling code remote control (also available the 6204 remote control with 4 transmission channels)
1 x U-shaped guide in 3 sections of 90 cm with belt drive. Pre-assembled mounting accessories
 1 accessory for manual emergency release which can also be operated from the outside of the door
1 x Assembly Manual
+ accessory for counterweight overhanging doors BANANA 992012
Features of the 8900 DUCATI aprigarage kit

Motorization for counterweight overhead doors TOP RANGE for overhead doors in this offer already includes the accessory 992012 "banana" necessary for installation on overhead doors with counterweights.
Equipped with adjustable electric limit switches.
Release system for manual handling in case of emergency, which can be operated both from the inside and from the outside of the door
Anti-pressure safety system on obstacles compliant with EN12453 EN124
Slowdown in closing: Soft Stop
In the event of contact with an obstacle, it reverses the direction of travel
It works in step-by-step mode (open-stop-close) or with automatic reclosing adjustable from 1-100 sec
An on-board potentiometer allows you to adjust the motor power and the amperometric sensitivity
Anti-pressure safety system on obstacles compliant with EN12453 EN124
Powerful and robust: traction force 1000N (100kg).
Ideal for continuous intensive use
Towing guide supplied with pre-assembled accessories for a simpler and faster U-shaped installation in 3 pieces of 90 cm each and intermediate ceiling support
Courtesy light 10 W automatic at each activation duration 30sec.
24V motor
230V power supply
Suitable for:
non protruding door h 2.30m max.
projecting door h 2.15m max
sectional door h 2.30m max

For higher doors it is possible to purchase the optional accessory ref. 992013: 90 cm extension

For doors with counterweight balancing, the optional accessory BANANA 992012 is required

Attention: a minimum distance of 5 cm is required between the open door and the floor to accommodate the towing guide.

Thanks to our energy saving technology, with our products you can save up to 80 € / year on your electricity bill compared to competing automations.

Furthermore, our low voltage motors guarantee:
- no risk of electrocution or electric shock
- maximum efficiency in humid or extremely hot climates
- maximum safety and motion control
- maximum starting point even at low temperatures
- continuous use without the risk of overheating the engine
- possibility of autonomous use with battery in case of black-out or power failure * (* check on models compatible with battery use)
- Possibility to reduce consumption to a minimum and save on the bill

Direct sales from the manufacturer.
The discount applied is possible as it is a direct sale from the manufacturer without intermediation costs.

We produce every mechanical component within our company including the electric motor made on an automatic robotic line of maximum precision.

Quality - Safety and European regulations - CE certification

Each of our products fully complies with the latest European regulations in the sector and more precisely:

  European standard LDV EN60335-2-103: 2003 + A11: 2009 / EN60335-1: 2002 + A11: 2004 + A2: 2006 + A12: 2006 + A13: 2008

- Electromagnetic compatibility:
   European standard: ETSI EN301 489-3 V1.4.1 ETSI EN300 220-2 V2.3.1 EN62479 (2010)

- SAFETY of operation (anti-crushing)
  European standard: EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 (April2011) EN12453: 2002 EN12445: 2000

  European standard R & TTE EN300 220-1 / 2

any product that is not certified according to these regulations is outlawed and unsafe.

2-year direct manufacturer's warranty. Our assistance service is guaranteed through e-mail and telephone assistance.
Repair or replacement of products or components that prove to be defective according to our warranty conditions.


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